Manny Yip is a visual artist born in 1994 and currently based in Hong Kong. Yip's artistic practice is deeply influenced by her rural upbringing and explores the intricate dynamics between one's inner world and the external constructed reality. Her works delve into themes such as childhood, growth, societal norms, culture, and imagination, among others. By employing a combination of painting techniques and incorporating ready-made objects, she skillfully captures the nuanced emotions that exist between feelings of familiarity and alienation. Through her art, Yip endeavors to shed new light on forgotten moments and everyday objects, inviting viewers to reexamine and reinterpret their significance.

In 2017, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from RMIT University, followed by a Master of Arts in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023. Yip has been the recipient of various prestigious fellowships and artist residencies. Her artworks have been showcased in international exhibitions. Additionally, she has been invited to serve as a featured artist and lecturer. Her works have also found homes in private art collections.